Tuesday, 9 June 2015

More frisbee magic!

Although our Hangzhou Ultimate team were disappointed to lose out to the parent school's team at the quarter-final stage of last month's Shanghai Open Youth Tournament, they took consolation from the fact that CIS Hong Kong then went on to even more convincing victories in the semi-final and final. The final was a tough test for them, though, as they found themselves re-matched with the very able Nanmo side - the only team to have managed to beat them during the previous day's round-robin games. Above are the highlights of an excellent game. (Our own Abigail Smith was loaned to the HK team for the weekend, and made a valuable contribution in this final.) 

The CIS Hong Kong team - most of whom learnt the game with us here in Hangzhou last year - has now become truly formidable at Ultimate; their movement and passing is often quite breathtaking to watch. Here are a couple of my favourite moments from the Shanghai semi-final.

A complete film of the final can be seen here. [Well, nearly complete. I'm afraid missed a few things, as the majority of the points were scored at the end of the field furthest from me, and the crowd on the near touchline often obscured my view.]

Filmed by Mr Murphy