Saturday, 13 June 2015

Kind of blue

German-Brazilian art photographer Juliana Borinski came up to join us for our end-of-year 'Arts Festival', after spending the previous week at our parent school in Hong Kong. 

She showed us a slideshow of some of her work, gave talks on her fascination with the history of photography, and led some workshops in which Art and Film students had an opportunity to play around with some long-exposure contact development processes to create collages. A technique using albumen (egg white), similar to the silver nitrate process used by pioneer photographers in the 1800s, producing sepia-coloured images, was a limited success; problems with 'fixing' the images meant that most of them soon faded and disappeared. These pictures created using cyanotype paper (long used to copy architectural drawings and engineering diagrams - 'blueprints') worked much better.

And she concluded her week with us by leading a small group of volunteers in creating this fun little stop-motion animation.

Juliana's visit was generously supported by the school's Annual Fund.

Slideshows by Mr Murphy

The music in the first slideshow is Endless Summer (artist uncredited) and in the second Skating (by Vince Guaraldi), both part of the iPhoto music library licensed by Apple for royalty-free use.