Monday, 6 June 2016

Film: Documentary Films - All Students Work

It's a pleasure to see students' creativity and hard work in this unit of documentary film making. They have experimented on different documentary styles and they were fully engaged in making their films. There are some excellent films this year! Enjoy watching!!

In no particular order:

Under the stands 不为人知的角落
a film by
Lauren Ho, Charlotte Lai and Gigi Li

a film by
Tiffany Chang and Xavier Banson

a film by
Ryan Chiao and Arnold Cheng

My Hangzhou Life 我在杭州的生活
a film by
Angelina Wang and Rahul Melwani

The Foreign Act
a film by
Justing Song, Hadrien Chong and Ming Ko

a film by
Celine Lee and Hannah Cheung

People Along the Canal  运河人的生活
a film by
Karuna Li, Katrina Mak and Tess Chau

Culture Through Sports
a film by
Ashley Hsu, Alex Okita and Alex Tan

The Power of Google
a film by
Bernard, Ben Tang and Michael

Social Media
a film by
Travis and Max

Solution: Veganism
a film by
Chris and Isaac Um

Life of Teck
a film by
Isaac Yee, Ben Oh and David

Mr. Kinder
a film by
Natasha CW Lee, Ben Lee and Kristie 

Self perception 
a film by
Neil, Tiffany Chan and Lucy