Lion Dance performances 2015 - link list

All the Lion Dance performance assessments in PE classes on the morning of Friday 30th January, 2015, can be viewed at the links below.

The first link for each group is the handheld shot of the performance, which is usually a bit better; the second link is the static shot from the tripod - and a few of you moved too far out towards the sides of the room or too far forward towards the audience to remain in shot all the time.

My apologies to Constance, Ciara, Florence and Stephanie - I somehow managed to delete my handheld clip of you (but I think the tripod shot worked out pretty well for your team).

Also, I was having to use MP4 format for ease of editing and speed of upload (I shot 50-odd clips on two cameras, totalling over 3 hours of footage; and we've ended up with about 2.5 hours posted to Youtube in 40 separate clips - that really is a HUGE amount!); unfortunately this means that the picture quality isn't too good. [Film students know that you should always shoot in 'AVCHD' format for true high-def! But the file sizes with that are enormous.]

Congratulations on your great performances!!!  I hope you enjoy watching them again.

Class X

Ariana Beaver, Flora Xiao, Jennifer Allardice, Abigail Smith

Enrique Chuidian, Georgina Savage, Adrian Lee, Ingrid Leong

Kevin Ho, Simon Chen, Charlotte Liu, Stephanie Wu

Sabrina Chan, Shanyu Hou, Chee Ling Wu, Jennifer Chan

Class Y

Constance Lam, Ciara Liu, Florence Wu, Stephanie Zhang


Mia Kriegel, Tristan Wong, Chloe Lee, Isabella Boyne

Will Baxter-Bray, Vinay Hirani, Jean Yap (Coach Mentor, Fenton Garvie

Beca Guo, Karis Tao

Camille Chiang, Samantha Koo, Frances Amos, Kate Bradley

Class Z

Rachel Li, Vivian Gu

Emily Duncan, Katherine Ye, Lauren Justice, Lauren Mok

Jerry Yang, Daniel Carolan, Anthony Lauderdale, Austin Lam

Jasmine Savage, Ingrid Tsang, Gabbie Tam, Katie Eu

Celeste Yau, Saana Hickling, Natalie Chak, Angela Zhang

Class W

Adam Guo, Stephen Chan, Jae Lamb, Tiffany Ng

Sherson Ng, Andy Ji

Dominic Law, Hugo Chan, Yew San Cheah, Tippy Pei

Joanne Pang, Victoria Ngai

Tim Chan, Vrithik Mehta

Alvin Au, Jacky Tam, Ethan Chu [Franco Ngai absent]

And last but not least, a handheld view of the assessed performance by Alvin, Jacky, Ethan and Franco the following Thursday...

That's all for this year!         恭喜发财!