Farewell Parents' Weekend 2015

Our second year drew to a close with a formal Closing Ceremony held in the school theatre on Sunday 14th June, 2015. As at the previous year's closing ceremony, the principal guest of honour was the General Manager of our Chinese partners the Greentown Education Company, Mr Chen Hai Ke.

It was a difficult task whittling down nearly 90 minutes of humour, emotion, and music into just 9 minutes.... but a 'highlights reel' of the event can be viewed here

For those of you with more stamina, the entire ceremony can be viewed here.

Filmed by Mr Murphy

The individual elements of the ceremony can also be viewed as follows:

Choir & Orchestra  -  Vivaldi's Gloria

Speaker  -  Joy Koo (Parent)

Speaker  -  Adam Guo (Student)

Speaker  -  Sharon Lam (Teacher)

'Sing Thing' a cappella group  -  The Beatles' In My Life

Speaker  -  Hugo Chan (Student)

Speaker  -  Ingrid Tsang (Student)

And a complete film of Saturday evening's drama performance History Rewritten; Our Stories Retold can be seen here.