TEDx 2015: individual speakers and performances

You can see all the contributions to our inaugural TEDx event on Thursday 28th May 2015 at the following links:


Mia Kriegel  -  Embracing change

Tiffany Ng  -  Celebrating your weirdness

Tippy Pei & Dominic Law  -  Hong Kong public schools

Sabrina Chan  -  Falling in love with a city

Katie Eu  -  Being nice on social media

Wang Lu  -  The magic of African drumming


Emily Duncan & Jae Lamb  -  'Linger' (by The Cranberries)

Karis Tao, Austin Lam, Jasmine Savage,
Georgina Savage & Enrique Chuidian  -  group musical improvisation

Wang Lu and friends  -  African Drumming: 'Kassa' - a traditional harvest song from Guinea

Thanks from and to the organisers