Monday, 15 June 2015

Farewell to Tongzhou

One week ago today.... we were on Tongzhou island again for our final IDE of the year, led by the PE department. On Sunday, students had criss-crossed the island on bikes, tracking down various 'Important Places' where a Tongzhou local or a Chinese member of the CIS Hangzhou staff was waiting to share unexpected stories about their lives with them. These encounters then became the basis for an art exhibit of photos and postcards, which we left in the village's 'Cultural Hall' as a memento of our visit.

On Monday, students could choose from a number of activities, including tai chi, farming (didn't manage to get any photos of that - sorry!), sewing soft toys, cooking, dancing, and kayaking. Zhejiang's notorious early summer 'plum rains' could not dampen our spirits - rather the reverse, if anything!

We rounded our trip off with a very big dinner in the 'Cultural Hall' on Monday evening.

Slideshow by Mr Murphy

The music is Incident at Gate 7 by Thievery Corporation, part of the iPhoto music library licensed by Apple for royalty-free use.