Sunday, 7 June 2015

Another first: our very own MUN conference

Our MUN Club here in Hangzhou has been exceptionally active this year, largely thanks to the energetic leadership of Emily Duncan. Together with other leading lights Enrique Chuidian and Flora Xiao she decided to round off the year by staging a full one-day conference, CISMUN, on our campus last Sunday. 

Unfortunately, they were not able to entice other Hangzhou schools to join in the event as they had hoped, but very nearly half of our own student body participated as committee chairs, delegates, or administrative assistants - and for the majority of them, it was their first experience in that role. What we learned from the day was that pizza and cookies can secure world peace... unless Enrique is chairing the Security Council.

Slideshow by Mr Murphy

The music is Skating by Vince Guaraldi, part of the iPhoto music library licensed by Apple for royalty-free use.