Monday, 19 January 2015

Model United Nations

CISSMUN VI, the sixth annual Model United Nations conference to be hosted by Concordia International School Shanghai, was held from the 16th to 18th of January. The whole of our very vigorous and enthusiastic MUN Club - energetically marshalled by Emily Duncan - took part. Emily, Flora Xiao, Lauren Mok, and Jacky Tam represented Thailand on four of the six General Assembly committees, while Natalie Chak, Katherine Ye, Tippy Pei, and Adam Guo represented Yemen on the same committees; Enrique Chuidian was a Yemeni 'expert' on the special Advisory Panel; and Sabrina Chan and Dominic Law were invited to join the press team on the conference's own magazine, the Vigil.

CIS Hong Kong also sent a delegation of nine members, seven of whom had been with us in CIS Hangzhou last year: Kenny Jeong, John Yap, Axel Leven, Victor Yin, Hannah Hui, Gloria Schiavo, and Jemima Barr. This was the first time members of the current and previous Hangzhou cohorts had had occasion to meet on official business - a moment of such historic import that Ms Lam and Ms Lee travelled nearly 100 miles on public transport to join us all for dinner on Saturday evening!!!

The students and staff at Concordia deserve unstinting applause for a superbly organised event - much the best of its kind that I have ever been to. I very much hope that both CIS Hangzhou and CIS Hong Kong will make this a fixture in their MUN calendars from now on.

Slideshow created by Mr Murphy

The music is - of course! - Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tears For Fears. [Sorry - I couldn't help myself!]