Saturday, 30 May 2015

TEDx highlights

This Thursday afternoon in our theatre we staged our first TEDx conference, an event entirely organised by students: Jasmine and Georgina Savage and Enrique Chuidian.

Coach Mentor Jean Yap arranged the technical support, with assistance from Lauren Justice, Jennifer Chan, Shanyu Hou, and Celeste Yau.

Tristan Wong co-ordinated the filming, with additional camerawork by Jae Lamb, Samantha Koo and yours truly.

Tristan will try to prepare one or more official commemorative films of the event, bringing together bits of the best of all four camera angles. But for now, here is a 'rush' of my footage. Watch out for more over the next week or so.

Filmed by Mr Murphy

You can see all the contributions to our inaugural TEDx event at the following links:


Mia Kriegel  -  Embracing change

Tiffany Ng  -  Celebrating your weirdness

Tippy Pei & Dominic Law  -  Hong Kong public schools

Sabrina Chan  -  Falling in love with a city

Katie Eu  -  Being nice on social media

Wang Lu  -  The magic of African drumming


Emily Duncan & Jae Lamb  -  'Linger' (by The Cranberries)

Karis Tao, Austin Lam, Jasmine Savage,
Georgina Savage & Enrique Chuidian  -  group musical improvisation

Wang Lu and friends  -  African Drumming: 'Kassa' - a traditional harvest song from Guinea