Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Another MUN event in Shanghai

We have a very active MUN Club in Hangzhou this year, largely thanks to the vigorous leadership of Emily Duncan. Last weekend we visited Shanghai again to attend a one-day conference hosted by Dulwich College Shanghai, the inaugural Shanghai International MUN (SHIMUN), organised by two outstanding young Dulwich students - Pan Ling Wan and Johnnie Yu. 

Many thanks and congratulations are owed to Pan Ling and Johnnie and their admin team for setting up such a great event inside the space of barely three months!

And we are naturally rather chuffed that our Adam Guo (prominently featured in the middle of this slideshow!), the representative of Djibouti, was acclaimed as the 'Best Speaker' in the General Assembly.

The other members of our delegation were Emily Duncan, Flora Xiao, Enrique Chuidian, Natalie Chak, Katherine Ye, Lauren Mok, Tippy Pei, Dominic Law, and Sabrina Chan. MUN newcomers Chee Ling Wu and Stephanie Wu helped out in admin roles, and Jacky Tam took photographs for the conference press team.

There are also some pictures from Sunday, when we took advantage of some spectacular early summer weather to stroll around the French Concession (ending up at the delightful Garden Books) - after having a very big lunch

Slideshow by Mr Murphy

The music is generic iTunes/iPhoto "slideshow music", so hopefully not infringing anyone's copyright.