Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Live Lounge 2015

On Sunday 1st February, just before our Chunjie break, we transformed our black-box theatre into a cabaret/café for the evening to host a 'Live Lounge' concert.

Masterminded by Katie Eu and Mrs Grace on behalf of the student Arts & Social Committee, the event had so many people coming forward to participate that it ran on on well past its planned 70-80 minutes.... and exhausted the batteries in both of the video cameras I was using to try to record the event. I replaced them as quickly as I could, but one performance - Enrique Chuidian and Camille Chiang singing a Jack Johnson song - unfortunately did not get filmed. My apologies.

The concert was so long that - for the purposes of editing and uploading the footage - I was obliged to divide it into two parts. The final 45 minutes or so (the overrun!!) can be seen below.

The films above were shot from various points around the room with a handheld camera. You can also see an alternate view of the show (again in two parts), shot from a static camera on a tripod at the side of the stage, here and here. The pictures from this second camera mostly turned out quite well, but the sound quality was rather poorer than on the handheld shots.

I have also posted all the individual performances separately: they can be accessed via this list of links (which also appears at the top of the sidebar on the right here).

Many thanks to everyone who took part, to our splendid MCs Jasmine Savage and Enrique Chuidian, to the hard-working stage crew of Jean Yap, Yew San Cheah and Tristan Wong - and to Katie Eu and Mrs Grace for their considerable organisational efforts over the past several weeks.

Filmed by Mr Murphy